Step 11 Once your composition is complete, add a textured background to complete the retro feel, and get it more depth.

I have also added a subtle blue overlay to pull all the different imagery together. To do this, duplicate the background by right-clicking on the layer in the Layers palette and selecting Duplicate Layer. Bring the duplicated layer to the top of the layer order. Set the opacity to 20% and the Blending Mode to Overlay.

Step 12 Once you are happy with the composition, it’s time to create a fantastic-looking print. Select File > Automate > Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Pro to launch Canon’s plug-in. Replacing the Photoshop Print dialog and the printer driver’s settings dialog, this not only makes it printing easier and faster, but also ensures colours are reproduced faithfully. By applying settings in both the Print dialog and driver settings, it’s easy to apply your printer’s colour profile twice and throw your colours out – this plug-in prevents this.

First off, select A3 in the Paper Size drop-down menu so the print will now fit to the whole page.