Step 2 Open Photoshop and create a new print ready document by selecting File > New. In the Preset window chose International Paper. then Size > A3. The Pro9500 Mark II supports paper sizes up yo A3+, , but I’ve chosen this size to match a frame I have my eye on. Set the resolution at 300pi and Colour Mode to CMYK.

Step 3 It is important that an illustration has at least one central main element to draw the eye before it heads off to discover what else is to be seen. These must be clearly identifiable from a distance, but hold enough detail and/or texture to look to hold up under close viewing. For the aged look we’re going for here, texture is more important than detail.

For this collage I have chosen a horse and a tiger. I need to cut these out so I can compose them together. Open the image you want to use by selecting File > Open. To cut out the image and isolate it from its surrounding, select the Pen tool on the left hand side of the Tool panel. On the toolbar along the top, select the Paths option.

Step 4 Zoom into the image and using the Pen tool draw a path around the image. To get a better edge to the cutout stay, slightly inside the edge. This way you don’t pick up any background pixels. Close the path.