Step 11
Create and apply the four branches of stars. First, design a square. With the Add Anchor Points tool, click on the middle of each segment to add an anchor point. Select Direct Select tool, move each middle points toward the centre of the square until you have the required shape. Copy-&-paste the stars in order to have a lot on your composition. Give them different scales and put them around the composition to give a feeling of snowflakes or shining stars (placing some smaller than others will accentuate this effect).

Step 12
The final touch will be a star on the top of the woman at the right. She is a rebel and is a reference to the “Che”. Select the Star tool and draw one star around the composition. When done, put it to the top of the hair of the woman.

Step 13
All that’s left is to continue to add vector elements to the illustration as you see fit, and then save the final version.


01. Don’t forget, you can save your custom colour swatches by clicking the fly-out menu in the Swatches panel and selecting “Save Swatch Library as ASE. Once saved as a Swatch Exchange document, you can import that swatch file into InDesign or Photoshop to ensure all your colours match perfectly.

02. To place multiple images at once into Illustrator CS, do this: From Adobe Bridge, the Mac OS Finder, or from any Windows window, drag the files right onto your Illustrator artboard. Using this method, Illustrator place-links the files. To place- embed images while dragging them into your document, hold the Shift key while dragging the images.

Who: Olivier Blanc is an up-&-coming French illustrator. His style of illustration involves soft curves, elegant lines and bright colours that strongly contrast with the black lines that he loves to use. Each of his images is designed to tell a story or convey a clear message.
Contact: Software: Adobe Illustrator
Time to complete: One hour