Step 7
Be sure to start drawing with the Outline, not the Fill-in option. When you are happy with the shape of the mouth, invert the option of Fill and Outline. Press the double-curved arrow in the corner. The mouth should now be filled in and have a nice shape. If the mouth needs further improvement, apply the technique from the previous step.

Step 8
Highlight the mouth. Choose Window > Swatches. Click on the pure magenta. Your mouth should now be in a bright pink.

Step 9
Now to start working with the swirls. Around the composition of the sketch, are swirls drawn by hand. You are going to delete them and replace them with some made using Illustrator – as they will look better and more elaborate. On the palette select the Direct Selection Tool. Now select the handmade swirls and delete the part you wish to remove. The selected part that will be deleted should be highlighted in blue. The dots in white represent the parts that will remain.

Step 10
Next, create an independent rectangle and apply the swirl effect. Make sure you obtain the right effect to avoid it looking too clumsy. Move the swirl onto the main composition. Some swirls will be coloured in dark yellow and grey to give some volume.