11. Customising text  Beneath the pop-up menu is an ‘A’ button. Clicking on it reveals Mac OS X’s Font window. This lets you choose a different font, size or style. You can change the colour from there or do so by clicking on the colour well on the right of the ‘A’ button. Any change you make will affect the whole text.

12. Insert music  If you want music with your slideshow, start by ticking the music button, lower right of the interface. This gives you access to your iTunes library, GarageBand songs and so on. To use a track, drag it from the list onto the thumbnail area. Note that you can also re-order photos by dragging the thumbnails around.

13. Manual retiming  To time your slideshow to your music, select Align Slides to Beat from the cog wheel menu (lower left). To retime it manually, click on the clock icon (beside the cog wheel). Move the playhead to the start and hit the spacebar to begin playback. Hit the Return key to move to the next shot.

14. Export options  Once you’re happy with your slideshow, it’s time to share it with others. Click on the Export button (top right of the interface) to be presented with a drop-down sheet. The Export For pop-up menu lets you choose various presets, or choose Custom to select the dimensions, frame rate and quality you’re after.