Stanley Chow tells you how to capture the visual essence of your subjects.

Hone your heads

The importance of the getting the head shape right when trying to achieve a convincing likeness is often underestimated, for example the position of the cheekbones and jaw in relation to the chin, and the width of the chin. Once you get it right, it becomes a whole lot easier to place the eyes, nose, mouth and other features in a way that feels right.

Get some reference

It really helps if you get hold of as many photographs or other depictions of your subject as you can. The more photos of them you have, the more you ‘get to know’ the person. If it’s a celebrity, study film footage of them, too. If you can capture something of the person’s character as well as their appearance, it will make them that much more recognisable.

Stanley Chow is the best up-and-coming caricaturist in the UK.