Illustration tutorial: Create beautiful repeating patterns

Step 15
You can change the sizing of your repeat with the Scale box. Double click the Scale tool on the toolbar. Make sure the ‘Patterns’ option is checked and select a percentage. If you need to change a colour, make your change to the grouped pattern and re-make the swatch giving it a new name.

Step 16
Now that you have a repeating Illustrator Swatch, you can fill any shape with the pattern. Here I have used the pattern to fill type and created a t-shirt graphic. You could also mask the pattern into a circular template for a plate, a mug, or a rectangular shape for a section of wallpaper. The possibilities are endless!

Who: Jess Volinski has been working as a freelance illustrator and surface designer since graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City several years ago. Her style is a fluid mix of flowing shapes, florals, and figurative forms. Jess has created illustrations, textile designs, t-shirt art, and repeat patterns for a diverse array of clients including Adobe, Georgia-Pacific and Hershey. Her most recent illustrations can be seen in Honolulu Magazine.
Contact:, [email protected]
Software: Adobe Illustrator
Time to complete: 4-5 hours

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