Interactive Design & VR tutorial: How to build your own 3D printer

Here are some of the trials and tribulations – and how to get round them – that come with building a 3D printer from the ground up.


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Dbakeca Italia said: thanks for share this..good job

bonooobong said: there are some better and easier-to-build constructions in the open-source 3d printer world, just check out the 3Drag or K8200 3d printer kit, which is build from strong aluminum extrusions and can easily turned into a cmc mill: https://algorithmicart.wordpre...

Jeremy Platt said: Hi Guys,I ended up getting this one. Which is all ready to go, I am just awaiting a power source...

Setu D said: Hey jeremy ,What are your plans about 3d printer?..Did you make it or not!..please reply me because i want to do project on it....

Snoo said: If you can afford over $10k just buy a business printer, ready built and can process 3d, days on end continuously. That's as close to running a 3d plant churning out hundreds of designs a day.

injoi said: How large are you going to build your printer? You might not need to build it from the ground up...the Lathon printer is pretty big.

vio said: hi there. how long did it take u to build it? hours per day/week :). thanks! and congrats! great job!

Jeremy Platt said: Thanks for posting! I am considering building a very large 3d printer for my business and this kind of tute helps a lot.I hope it is treating you well :)

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