Graphic Design & Branding tutorial: Create interactive PDFs

09. Change the mode to the most appropriate for your image – you can select from three options: play once then stop; play once then stay open; and repeat play. The middle option makes sense only if you choose to have a floating window for playback – select this using the tick box beneath.

10. Tick the Embed Movie in PDF option, to ensure the video file will be contained within the PDF. Generally you should do this unless you’re loading a video over the web. Embedding increases the file size of your PDF, but it makes the whole thing far more portable and easier to distribute as a single package.

11. Finally, you can choose whether to show playback controls, and when the video should start playing. For the time being leave the Show controller during play checkbox unticked, tick the Play on Page Turn tickbox, and click OK. Next month we’ll add custom controls that will enable you to untick this option. We’re ready to test our PDF now.

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