Graphic Design & Branding tutorial: Create interactive PDFs

06. When you print the document the video won’t print, so you need to set a Poster for your video – this is the image that will print in the space occupied by the video. If you replaced an image when you imported the video, you can select that image again as a Poster alternative to the video. Under the Options section of the Video Options dialog, select Choose Image as Poster, then click the Choose button and navigate to your image.

07. If you use a static image as a poster, you may need to resize the poster within the frame, as you did for the video itself. Do this by using the Direct Selection tool (A) to select the image, then hold Shift and drag the corner handle. The benefit of using a still image as the poster is that you can control the resolution of the image when going to print, whereas a video still may be as low as 72dpi when printed.

08. If you don’t have an image to hand, you can pick a still from the video. Select Choose Movie Frame as Poster from the drop-down list. InDesign will pop up your video and allow you to scrub along the timeline. When you’ve located a still you like, click OK and InDesign will use this as the Poster for your movie.

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