Graphic Design & Branding tutorial: Add interactive buttons to PDFs

08. Back in InDesign, we’re going to add a Stop button that will appear only when the video starts playing. Create some new artwork similar to your Play button and choose File > Place to bring it into your document. Right-click on the artwork and choose Interaction > Convert to button. Add a Movie Stop event to this button.

09. Click on the ‘play’ button to bring up the Buttons dialog box once more. Click on the plus (+) button next to Actions and select ‘Show/ Hide Buttons’ from the list of options. In the Visibility panel, click to the left of the button names so that both buttons have an eyeball icon next to them.

10. Click on the Stop button once more and open the flyout menu in the Buttons panel. Choose ‘Hidden In PDF’ from the four options. You can also use this functionality to prevent items from being printed with the PDF. Export and test to ensure the Stop button appears when you click the Play button.

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