Graphic Design & Branding tutorial: Add interactive buttons to PDFs

05. As you select each state in the Buttons panel, any changes you make to your document become linked to that button state. Use the Direct Selection tool to move the button artwork inside the frame, so that the rollover version of the graphic shows. Click between the two states to see the effect in action.

06. The button doesn’t currently do anything when clicked, so we’ll deal with that next. Click on the plus (+) button next to Actions. InDesign now presents a pop-up menu that allows you to select from a range of preset actions that can be performed when the button is clicked. Choose ‘Movie’, then select your embedded movie from the drop-down list that appears. Finally, set the Option to ‘Play’.

07. Double-click on your movie to open the Movie Options dialog box. Untick the Play on Page Turn box. Leave all the other options as they are and click OK’ Export the file as a PDF to test it. Make sure you tick the ‘Include Interactive Elements’ and ‘Non-Printing Objects’ boxes in the export dialog. In Acrobat your movie should now play when you click the button. The button should also change when you roll your mouse over it.

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