Graphic Design & Branding tutorial: Add interactive buttons to PDFs

02. Either create some button artwork in Illustrator, or create a new text box and type in ‘Play Movie’ as text. Complete the button graphic with a small ‘play’ icon to the right: this helps provide a visual cue to help the user understand what will happen when they press the button. In our example, we’ve also included a rollover state in our Illustrator file.

03. Choose File > Place to import your artwork, and size it appropriately. If you’ve gone for two button states in one file, crop the image to only show one state initially. Right-click on the image – or the text if you haven’t used a graphic – and select Interactive Convert to Button.

04. In InDesign CS4, a button has three states: Normal, Rollover and Click. In older versions you may have to click to add individual states. The rollover state is the appearance of the button when the user moves their mouse over the button area. Select the rollover state from the Buttons panel (Window > Interactive > Buttons).

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