Step 8
Click Done and save your file. Dreamweaver should at this point realise that the page uses ‘behaviors’ that require supporting files, and will therefore show the depicted Copy Dependent Files dialog. Click OK to copy the files to your site (and remember to upload them if you put your sortable content online).

Step 9
In Design view, you should now see a styled table, with the headings intact but with just placeholders for data. Click the Live View button and you’ll get a full, interactive preview of your web page, featuring the playlist data. Click one of the headings and the data will re-sort accordingly. Click a heading a second time and the sort order will be reversed.

Step 10
Using this method provides benefits beyond simply sorting. Not only can you share your original data file across multiple web pages, but since it’s a modular component, you can update it without doing anything to the main web page (which you created in step 3). To start doing so, preview the saved web page called sortable-playlist.html in a browser using File > Preview in Browser, and then close all your Dreamweaver documents.