Step 5
Go to Insert > Spry > Spry Data Set to start configuring a Spry Data Display. Click Browse and select playlist-data.html. Then from the Data Containers drop-down menu, select playlistTable’ – as you’ll remember, this is the ‘id’ value of the playlist data table from step 2. The Data Preview section should now show your table.

Step 6
Click Next and you get to define options for the content. In most cases, default settings can be left alone, but data of a specific kind can have a different type assigned, which can assist Dreamweaver with sorting. Select the Rating column and choose Number from Type; select Imported and choose Date from Type. Click Next to continue. Unless you do some code hacking, dates must be in US format (MMDDYY) – the British format (DDMMYY) won’t work.

Step 7
Dreamweaver offers various layout options for your data. For this example, select the top option (Insert Table) and click Set Up. In the subsequent dialog box, you can drag the columns around, define whether each column is sortable, and even delete columns that you don’t want displayed.