Step 2
Use the Files panel to open playlist-data.html. This is the content with which you’ll create a sortable table. This document contains a standard HTML table, with field names as column headings and data in the columns. Select the table (click within and then click ‘’ in the Status Bar). In the Properties panel, note the table’s ID value of ‘playlistTable’. When working on your own sortable content, the table always needs a unique ID.

Step 3
Close the playlist data file and go to File > New. Create a blank HTML web page and save it in the folder you created in step 1, using the name sortable-playlist.html. Click the link icon (Attach Style Sheet) at the bottom of the CSS panel to open the Attach External Style Sheet dialog.

Step 4
Click Browse... and select sortable-playlist.css as the style sheet to attach. Ensure ‘Add as’ is set to Link, and choose Screen from the media menu. Click ‘OK’. You won’t see any changes in Design view, but if you view the page’s code, some pre-made CSS is now attached, which will later style the table nicely.