Use one of Dreamweaver CS4’s new features to easily create sortable data without getting your hands dirty with code.

Web design has always bridged the divide between two very different processes: graphic design and programming. This has often been made easier by tools such as Dreamweaver, which let creatives take multiple approaches to achieve the same goal.

However, as web pages evolve from being purely static, and become more dynamic, any designer unwilling or unable to grasp the fundamentals of code-oriented design runs the risk of getting left behind.

This is especially true when it comes to JavaScript, which now forms the fundamental basis of a dizzying array of web-page widgets and applications. But for a non-coder, even the likes of jQuery and may prove daunting.

Usefully, Dreamweaver’s authors are well aware of this and have included the means to achieve equivalent functionality directly into the CS4 application. In this tutorial, you’ll work with Dreamweaver’s Spry functionality, creating sortable data – all without requiring any coding knowledge.

Step 1
Copy the Get Started folder from the cover CD to a memorable location on your hard drive. Open Dreamweaver, and go to Site > New site. In the Site Definition dialog, click Advanced, name your site, and set Local Root Folder to the folder you just copied across.