Life & Style tutorial: Unlock your freestyle creativity using Photoshop and Illustrator

11. Next, open up a few brush palettes. I’ve chosen Artist, Watercolor, and some others: click on the circle with a triangle in it at the top right of the palette and select options that appeal to you from the dropdown menu. Draw around the hair area, deselecting the fill and only using the stroke. Vary the brush size to add variety.

12. The image was pasted as a solid piece, so you’re left with squared edges, and the hair doesn’t look as though it’s flowing. Draw around the edges with the Pencil tool as shown here, with the fill and stroke boxes set to white and being to layer around the texture. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

13. Select the Brush tool again and continue to work around the edges. Then, leaving the colour as white, continue to soften up the edges to give some flow to her hair. Try using a little colour, too.

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