Life & Style tutorial: Unlock your freestyle creativity using Photoshop and Illustrator

02. Watercolour splashes can be created in layers – try wet-ondry methods by using a hairdryer to speed up drying time before adding another colour. I prefer to be freeform and let the water settle where it wants.

03. Open the image of Asante – which is 800-x-1200 – at 300 dpi in Photoshop, then hit Cmd/Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer. Set the blending mode to Overlay. If you’d rather keep the number of layers down, you can recreate the blending mode’s effect using the Brightness/Contrast control.

04. Now we need make the texture blend more convincingly with the photograph. In Photoshop Elements you can do this by hitting Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + B, which brings up the Convert to Black and White box, then selecting a higher contrast. In Photoshop this is also simple: go Cmd/Ctrl + U and drag the Saturation marker down slightly, then hit Cmd/Ctrl + M and pull the bar up slightly to lighten the image.

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