Incorporate amazing 3D objects into your artworks with one of Photoshop CS4 most exciting new tools.

If you’ve been debating whether to upgrade to Photoshop CS4, here’s a powerful reason to take the plunge: the new version introduces 3D capabilities, so you can bring incredible new elements into your canvas without having to turn to specialist 3D packages.

Best of all, the tools are user-friendly and require no previous experience of working with 3D. You can even export 3D objects you’ve created in Photoshop to other popular 3D formats, such as 3DS Max and Collada.

In this tutorial, Jeff Huang shows you just a little of what you can achieve with this new tool, giving you the skills to start integrating 3D elements into your designs, as well as tricks to help you blend them in seamlessly. The possibilities are endless.

01. Download the free stock.xchng image from Cut the room in half, delete the left-hand side, duplicate the right-hand side and flip it over to the left and stitch it together again. Merge the layers and name it ‘BG’.