Step 11:

The main problem with the rainbow is the sharp division between the red and yellow. In the Hue/ Saturation dialog box, select yellows from the edit drop-down and change the Hue setting as shown. Then select the greens and make the change as in the example. The result is a much more lifelike rainbow.

Step 12:

Finally, the idea is to create an underwater source for the root of the rainbow. This is going to be a nebulous area where the rainbow’s base colours lie just below the surface. On a new layer, create a high-value feathered selection describing the underwater colours’ overall shape. Drag the Gradient called Spectrum through the selection from the centre to the outside using the Conical option.

Step 13:

Deselect the selection and change the layer blend mode to Hue and the Opacity to 90 per cent for the final result.

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