11. Switch to a custom view to see how the layers relate to each other in 3D space. Reposition the layers so that there’s a natural narrative associated with the camera moves. It’s good to keep elements visible in the frame as the camera moves to the new location for context. You can also add whole revolutions of the Rotation properties for an extra camera twirl.

12. Select the null layer again and move down two seconds in the timeline from the last slider keyframe. Click the button to add a further keyframe with the same value of 2, then move a further second along the timeline and set the slider to 3. Drag the layer3 contents along the timeline so that the animation starts playing as the camera arrives in position.

13. Deselect any layers and then select the ‘Text’ composition in the project panel. Duplicate this composition by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + D. Double-click on the duplicate composition to edit it. Once you’re inside the composition, change the text to read ‘A right-on production’. This will be the second title in our sequence.