02. Remove all existing keyframes and properties from the null object, if there are any. Also, make sure that your CC Particle World background layer is set as a 2D layer so that when we animate around in 3D space it remains visible at all times. If you like, you can increase the number of particles that are generated to create a more populated world in which your camera will move.

03. When we animate the camera around one object, it’s easy to align it exactly to the position required. Once you move onto multiple objects with different positions and rotations, however, it becomes more challenging to keep your camera moves on track. We’re going to use Expressions to move the null object around the 3D environment and the camera will follow, as it’s parented to the null object.

04. As we’re going to have multiple objects we want to align our camera to, we need some way of telling After Effects which object we want the null object to align to at any point. We can do this by adding a slider Expression control to the null object. Select the null object layer then choose Effect > Expression Controls > Slider Control. Open the Effect Controls panel and click on the text Slider Control to the right of the FX symbol. Hit Return on your keyboard and rename it ‘CurrentLayer’. Select your text layer and press Return to rename it ‘layer1’.