8. To complete the lips we will adjust the lipstick colour to a younger, plummy shade and add some lip gloss to give them more shine.

Use the Magnetic Lasso tool to make a selection of the lips and then press Ctrl/Cmd+J to paste the lip selection to a new layer.

Now press Ctrl/Cmd+B to open the Color Balance dialog box and adjust the colour sliders to produce the desired shade of lipstick. Click OK to apply the changes to the new lip layer.

Now go to Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap, adjust the sliders to apply the desired amount of highlight, detail, and smoothness to the effect, and then click OK to apply the results.

9. Although Paula’s face is now much more youthful and radiant, her hairstyle is a little too old for a young woman. To remedy this we will give her a much more youthful, short, choppy look.

Use the Freehand Lasso tool (L) to cut into the hair and create the choppy look on the left side of the head. Try to follow the natural flow of the hair as much as possible.

Select the Clone Stamp tool, hold down the Alt key to sample the background, and then clone the background over the hair. Next, select a section of the hair.

Copy it to a new layer by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+J and reposition and resize it with the Free Transform tool. To thicken the hair, use a soft-edged Eraser to blend the edges into the hair. Repeat this process a few times to layer the hair, creating a strong, youthful look.

10. To complete the hair, select the Smudge tool (R), set the brush size to two pixels, and go around the edges of the hair dragging out hairs. Then hold down the Shift key and press the R key to select the Blur tool.

Set the opacity to 40 per cent and run around the outside of the hair to soften the edges. Flatten the image by going to Layers > Flatten Image, then use the Dodge tool (O) to selectively highlight sections of the hair, creating a multitonal highlighted effect that completes our transformation from mother to daughter.



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