Seamlessly shave 25 years off a portrait with this top Photoshop tutorial.

Artificial youth: Twenty-five years younger

1. As bags and crows’ feet around the eyes are the biggest giveaway to Paula’s age, we will start the rejuvenation process by replacing these with smooth skin, to instantly provide a more youthful appearance.

Hold down Ctrl/Cmd+Space as you click-&-drag a selection around the left eye to zoom into the eye. Press the J key to select the Patch tool, make sure the radial Source button is checked in the Tool Options bar, and then draw a selection around the wrinkled skin under the eye.

Now drag the patch selection onto a smooth skin area of the cheek to replace the wrinkles with smooth skin.

2. Repeat the bag removal process on the right eye and then hold down the Shift key as you press the J key twice to select the Healing Brush tool. We will now use this to completely remove the remaining lines and wrinkles from around the eyes.

Hold down the Alt/Opt key and click to sample a smooth area of skin close to the line you wish to remove. Now brush over the line and the sampled skin area will be blended over it, replacing the line.

If you want to soften the line without completely removing it, select Fade Healing Brush from the Edit menu or press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F to open the Fade dialog box, then adjust the slider to apply the desired amount of healing to the line.