11. For the left side of the tree canopy, open the file b17geoff_vane027.jpg from the cover CD (this came from tinyurl.com/dhkj5n) and open it. Select the sky area, invert the selection as we did before, then copy and paste the trees and building into our image. Here we’ll use another method of blending the photo into the picture. Go to Image > Adjustments > Curves (Cmd/Ctrl + M) and then click on the line, creating two points to tone down the lighting.

12. To form the base of this tree line open b17maartent1366.jpg from the cover CD (this came from tinyurl.com/c9zuq2). Make a selection area as shown in red. Copy and paste this into the image and scale and colour-correct it so that it blends. Use the Clone Stamp tool to fill the remaining area. Use a textured brush to form an irregular edge in a similar fashion to the method of erasing.

13. To add detail to the foreground trees open images P1000194.jpg and P1000206.jpg from the cover disc. Make a rough selection around the main tree and ivy in the first photo and the far left tree from the other one. Once integrated you can then repeat the process and use the Clone Stamp tool to fill in the gaps. The sky areas can be deleted with the Eraser tool or by going to Select > Color Range and removing it this way.