05. Now open the image file Trees01.jpg from the cover disc and go to Select > Color Range. Using the Eyedropper, select the sky area and set the fuzziness to 200. Now go to Select > Inverse (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + I) and then copy and paste this into your image.

06. Now go to Edit > Transform > Scale and resize the trees so they match the scale in the painting. To better integrate them go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance (Cmd/Ctrl + B), ramp up the yellow value and slightly increase the red. Now set the blending mode to Overlay and use a soft eraser to delete some of the bright sky edges.

07. Now let’s repeat the process for other sections of the opposite treeline. Open the image file DSCF0014. jpg from the cover disc and Trees01.jpg again, and use the Lasso tool to draw a rough selection area around the sections highlighted in red. Copy and paste these into the painting and resize them accordingly.