2. Once you’ve drawn your path, fill it with the shadow colour by clicking on the Fill Path button on the Paths palette.

3. To create another path, deselect your current work path. Continue drawing, filling, and deselecting to add in all of your shadow and highlight areas.

Set your Curve Fit in the Freeform Pen Options.

Using the Pen tool.

Use the Brush tool sparingly.

Pen tool
For more precision, the Pen tool allows you to point-&-click to specify the points of your path. You can later tweak these nodes to correct any errors. This process takes longer than the Freeform Pen tool does, but offers more control.

Brush tool
The Brush tool is useful for refining and filling areas that are difficult to select with the Pen tool. Use sparingly, though, as the Brush tool tends to result in clumpy blobs of colour.

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