Step 11
Try not to use the copy-&-paste function too much with the smaller details, or your character will become too static. Use as much variety of lines and shapes as you can.

Use darker shades to make extra furry, bumpy bits on your monster and a lighter colour to make bubbles with tiny circles to give his skin some texture.

Step 12
Now your beast is finished – you just need to make him look a bit more alive and magical. To do this, select the main black shape, and copy-&-paste it. Lay it over the top of the character and select Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur. In the pixel box, type in 5, the click OK. Next, open the Transparency palette and select Multiply from the drop- down menu, and reduce the opacity to 50 per cent. Hold down Shift and drag the shape to make it a bit bigger, then select Object > Arrange > Send to Back.

Step 13
To add the sparkly bits, make a small white circle. Go to Filter > Distort > Pucker and Bloat. In the value field, type -75, click OK.

Copy-&-paste this shape lots of times. Scale to make some bigger, and some smaller. Arrange in little clusters all around your monster. That’s your finished character.

Step 14
Finally, as this is a self promotional postcard, you will need to add your logo or name to the front and if you like, your contact details (however, these could be on the back to avoid overcrowding the image) you can also add further detail such as clouds and trees to give more depth to your finished piece.

And that’s it, one postcard, complete with beast. Now just get it printed and post hundreds of them to people you want to work for and patiently await the commissions!

WHO: Andrew Groves is an illustrator and creator of beasts inspired by mountains, forests and Japanese folklore. He has worked for Graniph and Foundation Skateboards. Andrew spends his time surfing and hurting himself on his skateboard.
SOFTWARE: Illustrator
TIME TO COMPLETE: One to two hours
DOWNLOAD FILES: All files for this tutorial can be downloaded here.