Step 14
Don’t just choose colours that With your character’s first illustration complete, consider taking him/her to other places, locations and situations, build on its life story and personality. Taking your character to different landscapes can improve your skills having to evoke different types of scene but each being part of a series in the same style. Or you could take your character into other media…

Step 15
T-shirts are always a popular medium for fresh design and illustration work. Our design will have to use a limited number of colours – most T-shirt printers ask for four colours or less. Consider adding slogans or different graphics to your previous landscape image. Think what works well on T-shirts, and what products would you buy yourself? Many T-shirt printers also make belts, bags, pin badges, and other products.

Step 16
To get your artworks out into the world you could sell them as art prints (giclee prints are cost effective and high-quality), postcards or stickers (both can be great promotional tools and are available from many online suppliers). Try and include your URL or contact details – you never know who may see your character.

WHO: Ben the Illustrator spends his time creating ethereal, idyllic landscapes using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom tablet.