14. In the main timeline, add a text field set to Dynamic. Name the field ‘score’. In your EB.as file, immediately after if(_x < -60) {, enter the following code: _root.tmpscore+=10; _root.score.text = tmpscore; Finally, we can stop the score from growing when the game ends by adding a conditional statement around the score code and the bubbles code. Add the following code around your existing statements: If (_root.playing) { // existing code is in here } Check our sample files on the disc to make sure you’ve inserted this code correctly.

15. Taking it to the next level from here isn’t hard; the basics are all in place. Why not add a ‘Play Again’ button to the endGamePanel? This would need to reset ‘playing’ to true, tmpscore to 0 and hide the endGamePanel again. You could also add characters that squirt ink, and arm your octopus with a weapon. The code we used for the bubbles will work for these.

Who: Sam Hampton-Smith is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Scotland. He’s a regular author of articles for the graphic and web design press, an aspiring musician and lover of good food.
Contact: www.ohwrite.co.uk
Software: Adobe Flash CS3/CS4
Time to complete: 1 – 2 hours
On the CD: All files for this tutorial can be downloaded here or are available on the cover CD.