Life & Style tutorial: Create a city night scene

05. Grab the Pen tool (P), select the Shape Layers option and create a white triangle from one of the street light poles. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, setting the radius to 75 pixels. Repeat this for every street light, then change the blending mode of the ‘Lights’ folder to Color Dodge.

06. Repeat the previous step, adding more layers and lights. Ensure that any layers you add with lights go inside the ‘Lights’ folder – otherwise the lighting effect won’t work, as the blend mode won’t be Color Dodge. Experiment with using yellow and red for some lights such as traffic lights and windows, and use the Gaussian Blur to add some fog to the scene.

07. Now we’ll create the light from the windows on the right-hand building. In the Layer Styles palette, select Color Overlay and choose a dark, murky yellow. From the original image, select the windows we’ll be illuminating, then copy and paste them into a new layer. Set a Gaussian Blur to a radius of five pixels. Duplicate this layer, and set another Gaussian Blur, this time with a radius of 150 pixels. Move both of these layers to the ‘Lights’ folder, where the blend mode will make the lights start shining.

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