Life & Style tutorial: Create a city night scene

02. Now let’s add some adjustment layers. First, we’ll adjust the brightness and contrast: go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast. Set Brightness to -95 and Contrast to -1. Add another adjustment layer, and adjust the Hue/Saturation: set the Hue to 0, Saturation to -70, and Lightness to -30. Add a third adjustment layer and adjust the levels, setting the Input Values to 0; 0.79; 255. Create clipping masks for all the adjustment layers, group all the layers and rename the group, ‘City’.

03. Create a new layer on top of the ‘City’ group, and fill it with dark beige (I used colour reference #5b583f ). Reduce the opacity to 25% and add set the Layer Style to Gradient Overlay. Use black and white for the colours and set the angle to 90º. Change the blend mode to Multiply. This layer is very important, as it will make all the lights visible. If you want the lights to be more visible later on, increase the opacity of this layer.

04. In the Layers palette, create a new folder and name it ‘Lights’. Create a new layer inside this folder. Use a very soft brush (0% Hardness, 70% Opacity), paint in some white lights, using this photo for reference.

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