Life & Style tutorial: Create a city night scene

Create amazing long-exposure photography effects from humdrum images with these amazing tricks.

In this tutorial, Photoshop guru Fabio Sasso demonstrates a straightforward way of transforming a scene from a straightforward daytime shot to a dynamic night-time urban landscape through clever use of blending modes, brushes and plenty of carefully applied Gaussian Blur.

You’ll learn easy ways to fake lighting at night, and neat tricks with handling layers, including ways to apply effects to many layers at the same time, and ways to use layers to fine-tune the impact of other layers.

The key to photo-manipulation projects like this is to make lots and lots of small changes. As Sasso shows here, a series of painstaking tweaks creates a far more realistic end result than making two or three drastic changes. Take your time – the end result will be worth it.

01. First, we’ll need a street scene that includes some sky, a car or two, street lights and some buildings. You can download the one I used for a small cost from iStockphoto at this URL: Delete the sky from the image.

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