Life & Style tutorial: Changing the time of day - 1

Advanced techniques to change the time of day - part one transforming day to night.

Day to night

One of the most frustrating things about outdoor photography is finding yourself at a particular location at the wrong time of day for the result you desire. Digital manipulation comes to the rescue, perhaps allowing us to transform a daytime subject into the night scene we originally had in mind.

Before starting on this type of transformation it helps to understand the inherent visual qualities that characterize the type of scene we desire – whether it’s a late afternoon, early evening, or moonlit night effect.

When deciding on a suitable subject to convert to a night scene, consider whether the shadows in the original scene will be sympathetic to the mood of the image you want to create. If they are, it will make the job far easier.

In this project we will change a normal daytime scene into a moonlit one and add other visual clues such as street lighting.

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1. Since we are simulating a night scene lit by a full moon, objects in the final picture will need fairly strong, sharp shadows. To facilitate the desired result I have chosen a picture of a subject that is lit by strong directional sunlight to provide good shadows. 
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