Step 10
Let’s create a yellow texture effect. Duplicate the last layer we created with the yellow and put the opacity back to 100%. Go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All and with one of the texture layers selected, grab the Magic Wand, with the tolerance set to 15. Click at various places on the canvas and fill them with black on the mask – this will give the effect of flaky yellow paint.

Step 11
It feels as though we need some extra detail on the I to make it more unique and to bring its form closer to that of the letter I. Grab the Ellipse tool and draw a small black circle and, on another new layer, draw a slightly bigger yellow circle. To make them blend in with everything else add a layer mask to each like we did earlier and, using a brush, erase parts to give it a rougher feel.

Step 12
To add detail duplicate the layer used for the white stripes on the S shape. Cut it in half using the Marquee tool, then set the layer’s blending mode to Color Overlay, and the colour to yellow. Now resize, position, and scale this shape in three or more different areas on the canvas. Feel free to create another colour overlay in black or white, depending on your preference.

Step 13
Now we’ll do something similar to the previous step with a different layer to add in more detail over the top of the letters. Duplicate the layer with the pattern fill and give it a yellow colour overlay, now move the layer up over the letters. Scale this layer down significantly and rotate and position it. Duplicate a few more times and scatter around the canvas rotating and scaling to make each different.