Life & Style tutorial: 3D text and paint effects

Step 3
Now we’ll add some trees. I recommend using a graphics tablet for this task, as pressure sensitivity is highly useful here. Use strokes that alternate between soft and hard pressure, so that the lines fade in and out in thickness. Use the same colours found in the Gradient Map used earlier to create a background and foreground colour for the trees.

Step 4
Add foliage on the trees in the same way, but with a considerably larger brush. After creating the main body of the leaves, add subtle accents with a small brush, identical in size to the trunk’s lines.

Step 5
On a separate layer, draw more accents, but with different colours. Use a slightly darker green for the shadows, and a light cyan for reflected light. Bear in mind where your light source should be at all times, using the shading on the letters, and make sure that all the highlights coincide.

Step 6
Use a tablet if you can for the clouds, as pen pressure is important here. Select a soft, round brush at low opacity (somewhere between 10 and 20 per cent) and press hard to gradually create the main body of the clouds, on a layer behind the letters.

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