Maxon Cinema 4D tutorial: Create beautiful 3D graphics

Jean Pichot explains how to create two 3D spheres in Cinema 4D and then blow them apart using a deformer


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Ara Sargsyan said:

amberhuang said: I like this tutorial, it's very good for beginners!

Miki said: Hi guys!Is there any way to achieve this effect in maya 2014?

Hornblower said: It's a tutorial for a reason, why don't you take what you learned, and make it "make sense"

Tom Daigon said: Where is part 2 that takes the project in AE and completes this tutorial? Also, why is the large sphere shattering on the side of the sphere that is NOT being impacted by the small one? Doesnt make sense.

nicky said: this is a really nice tutorial, well written - the only thing bothering me is the moire type pattern in the background from the gradient in the end render- im noob so dont know if this is correctable or not?

Moises Morales Garcia said: amazing tutorial, i like this page :D but I can not be round the spherebut I can not be round the sphere

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