Maya tutorial: Create a realistic Planet Earth

Learn how to create a photorealistic Earth using a mix of Maya and Photoshop.


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Lonx said: For those having issues with this step (14), you need to activate "Render All Layers" on the options menu of the render layers pane, and you'll be able to see the render correctly.

tripple said: on step 14 how and where did you set the blending mode to screen? was it somewhere in the rendersettings or in the render window(where the render layers are stored) down below? because everytime I render the scene its only showing me one renderlayer eventhough I set the attribute from the dropdown menu from normal to screen. pls help

thedude said: Finally got it to work!

Isa Barbarisi said: Here you have the Earth made with this technique

Namie said: Alright. Till Step 13 everything works. Then nothing will go as it should be! Can someone do a video tut? Would be really awesome!!

phylB said: on step 9 when I increase the directional light's intensity to 10, when I render my image goes completely black. I'm guessing, we're trying to make it so where there is light, we see less of the texture and where there isn't any light we see more of the texture. Is that correct?The only way I'm able to achieve this is either using a clamp node and turn up the min value to about .8 in all 3 channels or by reducing the directional light's intensity to around .5What am I doing wrong?

3D Dude said: HSV he is referring to chaning the "V" value

Metal Zork said: Can anyone help me connect the surf.luminance node to the Color Gain of my ramp node?

Metal Zork said: I can't figure out the remapHSV node stuff from step 6. How do you get it to look like it does in the image. I just get an arrow going from the specular to both the remapHsv and earthShader.

matthew said: Could anyone make a video-tutorial ? I´m lost :DI started have problems on step 5, facepalm.Thank you so much.

Oink said: colorGain.X, Y, Z

alien said: Hi! I have some problems on step 13. When i connecting surf.luminance node to the Color Gain of ramp node, what attributes i have to connect in the Connection Editor?

St. Alexander said: "you only need to select a Geo with the directionalLight" <----- is what I meant to type in the second sentence.

St. Alexander said: I'm pretty sure it's ctrl+select. If you shift+select you end up selecting everything from "earthgeo" to "directionalLight" and you only need to select a Geo with the directionalL for every layer. So, every render layer will have ONE Geo and the directionalLight only.This tutorial looks good! I'm working thru it since I need to know how to do this for a music video I'm doing. I'll let you know how it goes.

antlor said: "Open up the blinn material attributes and give it a colour of value – 0.809." How can you have a color value of -.809? Can someone clarify that point for me?

arslan said: sory ... is this shift+select or crtl+select?

arslan said: is this shift+select or cntrl+alt

MdA said: Very helpful. thanks to the author

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