Step 3 Fractal Noise is a great effect for generating patterns, but by default it is static. Change this by animating the evolution property over the length of the clip. Click the stopwatch symbol to create a keyframe then set the start of the clip to have 0 revolutions, and the end to have 40 revolutions. Choose Effects > Color Correction > Tint to add this effect to your solid.

Step 4 In the Effect Controls panel, change the tint values to map a dark red to black, and a lighter orange to white. Drag your watercolour texture into the composition beneath the other layers, and a second copy of the source-matte-sd clip above it. Set the watercolour layer to use the same luma-matte, and change the black solid to use the Multiply blending mode.

Step 5 Drag the source-sd clip from the project panel to the new composition button. Choose Effects > Keying > Keylight and select a brown colour from the actor’s hair to remove all brown pixels from the clip. Add a white solid beneath the ‘source-sd’ layer. This pre-comp will act as a further luma-matte to add detail. Return to the main comp.