Last year, all of our most popular After Effects tutorials were on animation, with you our readers really digging the chance to bring a childhood toybox to life, create stylish motion type and animate a 16-bit game character.

Animate a picture book

The key to producing simple but effective animation is to grasp the basic principles, as Lesley Barnes and Bruce Cameron explain

Animate your drawings with style

Vida Vega achieves traditional matte painting techniques using blending modes in Photoshop and After Effects

Design and animate a stylish 50s cartoon character

Illustrator and animator Ben Mounsey describes here how to create a character in Illustrator that's specifically designed for animation in After Effects, and then give it a classic cel-animation walk

Part 1: Turn a photo into a 16-bit arcade game character
Part 2: Animate a 16-bit game character

First create a character in the style of a 16-bit arcade game such as Street Fighter II, then animate him to create a ‘load screen’. This tutorial was written by James May, based on a game he created for the music video for Nero's breakthrough single Me & You.

Create stylish motion type

Sam Hampton-Smith animates lyrics for a music video