Step 9
Select the ‘ShatterTextComp’ layer and go to Layer > Time > Time Reverse Layer. Notice the red and white striping on the bottom of the layer. This denotes a time-reversed layer. RAM preview to see the animation playing backwards. Notice that the comp is only about three seconds long – we need to hold on the last frame for longer.

Step 10
With the layer still selected, go to Layer > Time > Enable Time Remapping. This adds the Time Remap value to the layer in the Timeline, allowing you to animate time itself. All you need to do to hold the last frame of the layer for longer is to trim the layer to the end of the comp.

Step 11
Hit the End key or drag the time marker to move it to the end of the comp. With the ‘ShatterTextComp’ layer selected, hit Alt + ] to extend the end point on the layer to the position of the time marker. Alternatively you can just drag the end point of the layer to the end of the comp. RAM preview your changes.

Step 12
Although this ‘pin picture’ effect is cool, it doesn’t really fit here. We’re going to edit the effect to create the effect of the image splitting into columns, representing the bars of a prison cell. Select the ‘Skull&BG’ layer again and hit F3 to open the Effect Controls panel.