Step 5
Notice the Camera 1 layer in the Timeline: I’ve already animated this so that it flies past the particles as they animate. Card Dance defaults to using its own built-in camera. Let’s change that in order to make the particles react to the comp camera. Change the Camera System menu to Comp Camera. RAM preview to see the animation.

Step 6
Now turn on the Video switch for the ‘ShatterTextComp’ layer. RAM preview to see a wireframe of the layer exploding into bricks. We’re going to customise this, using another built-in particle effect – Shatter – to explode the parts of this layer as individual pieces. This will also give the text a 3D look.

Step 7
Double-click the ‘ShatterTextComp’ layer in the Timeline: this will open the nested comp in its own tab. Select ‘Layer 2’ in the Timeline and hit F3 to display the Effect Controls. Change the Pattern menu to Custom and change the Custom Shatter menu to 2.Layer 2. To see the pieces fully rendered, change the View menu to Rendered.

Step 8
RAM preview to see the image break into pieces and fall to the ground. Tap the Shift key once to open the Composition Mini-Flowchart menu and use this to navigate back to the PrisonBreakComp. We need to reverse this effect so that the pieces fly in to form the finished title. The easiest method is to time-reverse the nested comp.