3. Enter the layer  To use the Roto Brush we must enter the Layer window. Double click on the clip in the Composition window. A window opens in the Composition window with its own timeline. Select the Roto Brush from the toolbar. When the brush is over the clip it is represented by a green circular icon with a ‘+’ inside.

4. Create the selection  Draw roughly inside the object you wish to extract, tracing its outline inside. A thick green line reminiscent of Photoshop’s Extract Tool traces your path. In a high- contrast clip a single line is enough to catch the object. When you let go, the Roto Brush tries to define the area you wish to extract.

5. Refine the selection  The area the brush selected is outlined by a purple path, and unless you are very lucky there will be areas to add and remove from the selection. To add to the selection, just brush or click over that area. To remove areas, press the Option key and similarly brush or click over the areas you wish to remove.