12. Position the logo  In the Top view, using the blue arrow, move the logo back towards the solid layer. In the Right view use the red and green arrows to position the logo in the top right of the frame. Then reduce the scale of the logo to 10%. For X,Y and Z rotation, set each one to be 2x +20.0°.

13. On the motion path  Click in the right view then select the logo in the timeline. The motion path appears as a straight line between the keyframes. Put the playback head at 4 seconds, drag the red arrow towards the centre and drag the green arrow down. This breaks the motion path into a curve – making it more interesting.

14. Bézier curves  If you click on the motion path Bézier handles will appear at the keyframes allowing you further control. Finally, select all of the keyframes at the 10 second point by shift-clicking them and from the animation menu select Keyframe Assistant > Easy Ease In to decelerate the logo as it approaches the screen.