9. Casting shadows  In the timeline, open the properties for the Logo. Now that it is a 3D object it has extra Material Options. Open these options and turn Casts Shadows on by clicking on the word (a second click will let it cast only its shadow). Shadows from both lights appear on the solid layer.

10. Shadow intensity  Lights also have Options. Open up the properties of Light 1 and open up the Light Options. Reduce the Shadow Darkness to about 55% and increase the Shadow Diffusion to 4 pixels, to blur the edges of the shadow. Repeat this for Light 2.

11. Animate the logo  The logo is now at its finishing position. It’s going to tumble in to this point, so move the Playback head forward to 10 seconds. Open the logo properties, and then the Transform properties. Switch on keyframing for Position, Scale, X,Y and Z Rotation. Move the playback head back to the start of the timeline.