6. Position the layer  Select the solid layer and in the Top view, click on the blue arrow and push the layer towards the top of the screen, and even out of the view. In reality we are moving the layer some distance behind the logo. You will see it move in the Right view, and you may need to resize it.

7. Adding lights  From the Layer menu select New > New Light. Check Cast Shadows and click OK. This spotlight will appear on the screen and the logo will be illuminated. In the Top view click on the red arrow and move the light to the right.  As you do so you will see it move in the right view.

8. Point of interest  The cross hair icon at the end of the line extending from the light is the Point of Interest. Click on it and move it back to the centre so the light shines on the logo. Create a second light, move it to the left and move its Point of Interest back to the centre.