3. Convert to 3D  In the timeline there are a series of icons, called switches, one of which is a cube. Click in the boxes below it to convert the two layers to objects existing in 3D space. If the icons can’t be seen, then select Columns > Switches from the Timeline menu in the top right-hand corner of the timeline palette.

4. Viewing the objects  In the composition window select 2 Views – Horizontal from the Views drop-down menu. Click on the Right view to activate it and select Active Camera from the 3D View pop-up menu. Click on the left view and from the 3D View pop-up menu select Top. Select the solid layer in the timeline. Coloured arrows will appear.

5. Moving through space   Each arrow represents a direction of movement in the 3D Space. The red arrow moves the object in the x-axis, that is from left to right. The green arrow moves the object in the y-axis, that is up and down, while the blue arrow moves it in the z-axis; think of this as closer to or further away from you.