11. Create a new black solid, then choose Effect > Generate > Lens Flare. Move the lens flare position to just before the text, then animate the position of the flare over the lifetime of the animation. Fade the Flare Brightness from 0% to 100% over five or six frames before the particles appear, and fade out in the same way after the particles have disappeared. Set the layer to blend using the Screen mode.

12. Turn on Motion Blur for all the layers and the composition itself, then save your composition. Create a new composition as before but ten seconds long. Drag the previous composition into this new one. Set the composition layer to 3D.

13. Add a new black solid layer then add another instance of CC Particle World. Set the type to Sphere, the Animation to Direction Axis, the Velocity, Gravity and Extra to zero. Set the Birth Rate to 10 then move a few frames down the timeline and keyframe birthrate to 0. Finally set the Radius X, Radius Y and Radius Z to around 2 for each. Move the entire layer back in time so that you have static particles sitting in 3D space.