08. Move to just before 1 second on the timeline and click on the stopwatches for Birth Rate and Position X. Set the Birth Rate to 0 then move down one frame by pressing Page Down on your keyboard. Set the Birth Rate up to a value of around 8. Now move to the end of the text animation and add another keyframe for Birth Rate. Change the Position X value for the producer so that it aligns with the right edge of the text. Finally, move one frame along and set the Birth Rate to 0.

09. Duplicate the CC Particle World solid layer by selecting it in the timeline and pressing Ctrl/Cmd + D, then change the settings so that the duplicate uses Shaded Spheres for the Particle Type. Play with the colours, Gravity and Birth Rate settings to get a good complementary effect.

10. For each layer in turn choose Effect > Stylize > Glow. Set the glow to a large amount, and play with the blending mode to get a good hot feel. For the text layer, animate the glow so that it tails off as the animation completes, but keeps a Glow Intensity value of 1 as the animation completes.